Brand Overview

Boatonian is a party boat that sails the sea every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in Boston, Ma. It’s like a night club, but on a boat. They have hip-hop, country and college night every weekend for the summer months. The party boat has a limited amount of tickets for each night the boat sets sail and they needed help selling tickets online.


Results Overview

  • 206 tickets were purchased
  • $21,227.04 in revenue from ticket sales was generated with spending less than $3,000 on ad spend
  • 751% Return on Ad Spend (for every $1 spent the Boatonian made $7.51 in ticket sales revenue)


The brand was new to Facebook advertising and had never run Facebook ads before. They did have a great following already on organic social media. The owner was successful at running a party bus and wanted to try a party boat. They had to sell tickets before the ship sets sails because the boat leaves the dock at a certain time on weekends. The tickets had to be sold ahead of time and not at the door like most clubs when you can just show up and expect to get in.


A strategy was developed that included targeting ads that were specific to each different genre for each night. General ads were also created to let people decide what type of genre they were interested in. Brand awareness campaigns along with retargeting campaigns were created to make a profit funnel.

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