Brand Overview

The Russian Store is an eCommerce brand that was started by two immigrants from Russia. They started selling Russian imported goods online including Amber jewelry and popular nesting dolls.


Results Overview

  • 5 total purchases on the retargeting campaign
  • $207.69 in revenue from purchases with only $62 in ad spend
  • 331% Return on Ad Spend (for every $1 spent the Russian Store made $3.31 in revenue)
  • The cost per purchase was only $12.26
  • More than 40% of people who added to cart purchased


The Russian store had only run organic social media posts and never did any paid advertising before. They wanted to be able to retarget customers who come to the store and don’t complete a purchase.


The Russian store already had a high amount of cold traffic coming to the site organically from SEO. So I developed a campaign that would retarget customers who would come to the store and then leave without purchasing. It was very important that the product catalog was installed correctly because the store had over 3,000 items. When we would retarget someone who added to cart, but did not purchase they would get targeted with the exact product they either viewed or added to cart. I also made sure they would see similar products that were in the same category of what they viewed or added to their cart already.

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